Duration of the Pubertal Peak in Skeletal Class I and Class III Subjects

Objective: To estimate and compare the duration of the pubertal growth peak in Class I and Class III subjects.

Materials and Methods: The data examined consisted of pretreatment lateral cephalometric records of 218 skeletal Class I or Class III subjects (93 female and 125 male subjects) of white ancestry. The duration of the pubertal peak was calculated from the average chronological age intervals between stages CS3 and CS4 of the cervical vertebral maturation in Class I vs Class III groups (t-test).

Results: In skeletal Class I subjects, the pubertal peak had a mean duration of 11 months, whereas in Class III subjects it lasted 16 months. The average difference (5 months) was statistically significant (P , .001).

Conclusions: The growth interval corresponding to the pubertal growth spurt (CS3–CS4) was longer in Class III subjects than in subjects with normal skeletal relationships; the larger increases in mandibular length during the pubertal peak reported in the literature for Class III subjects may be related to the longer duration of the pubertal peak. (Angle Orthod 2010;80:54–57.)

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